Packaging reflects your company’s image

Whatever the field in which the client carries out its activity, packaging can reflect the image of any company.
A professional execution according to the client’s expectations is our main concern.

Solutions for maintaining the esthetic values

Luxury paper bags do not always mean expensive bags that exceed the budget.

For the satisfaction of our partners, we recommend the best solutions that, on one hand permit cost reduction, and on the other, maintain qualitative and esthetic values.

Finishing for additional quality

Mat or gloss lamination modifies the look of simple, printed paper, thus resulting a special packaging.

selective UV varnishing, emboss or warm folio application, can highlight certain details of the desired design.

Quality and excellence in advertising

The luxury paper bags, extremely elegant, are handmade in order to ensure the best quality.

These are ideal for promoting the company and the brand.


Price offer request

In order to obtain a correct price offer, we ask you to analyze all the details mentioned below and to specify in the price request as detailed as possible the characteristics of the desired products.

The minimum quantity for an order is 500 pieces.
In case of a bigger order, the unitary price will be reduced significantly. You can obtain net advantages in case you estimate the necessary for 1 year and launch a single final order.

We believe that we are capable of realizing any size, but depending on the client’s request, we can propose a dimension that enframes in the maximum standard sheet, with as little losses as possible.

The client must specify the type of paper and its width.
Our recommendation for the paper is based on the desired size.
The standard types of paper used in production are:

– double coated paper L/M 170g;

– double coated paper L/M 200g;

– double coated paper L/M 250g;

– white kraft ribbed paper 120g;

– natural kraft ribbed paper 100g;

– special cardboard.

The client shall specify the number of colors (exterior/interior), the type of color (CMYK or pantone process), as well as the area to be covered in %.
In case the graphic is different on the two sides, it is mandatory that this detail is mentioned in the price request.

Considering the type of paper which the client has chosen, the following types of handles can be used:
– textile polypropylen lace;
– satinribbon;
– twisted white/natural paper;
– metal staples.

Special finishing can be realized depending on the type of paper used:
– glossy lamination*;
– mat lamination*;
– selective UV varnishing;
– emboss;
– warm folio.

The graphic can be sent in „CDR” or „AI” format, vector (with fonts converted into curves).
It can be sent by e-mail, or a link via wetransfer.

In case of a final order, our DTP department will send a stamp model at the desired dimension in which the graphic will be applied.
Before printing, the client will receive for BT a montage for final verification.

*these types of finishing can only be done on double coated paper


It’s the operation of covering a paper base on one side with a layer of plastic foil (BOPP).
Laminationcan be glossy, mat, metal or colored.
We recommend double coated paper for the paper base, in order to protect the print and for better resistance.

Selective UV varnishing
UV varnish can be applied integrally or selective.
Selective applicationis done serigraphic, on certain areas of the bag, in order to give it a special look and to emphasize the important elements.

Mechanical deformation process of the base meant to highlight certain design elements.
Can be applied on any type of coated or kraft paper.

Warm Folio
The process of application of a folio layer on a paper base with or without print.
Can be applied on double coated paper (simple or laminated),  kraft paper and special cardboard paper in order to refine the packaging.

Metal staples
Metal staples are metallic rings (in different colors), that can be applied in holes made in the paper base.
After the textile lace is introduced, the bag handle becomes more resistant and the esthetic appearance is changed in a positive way.